Monday, June 27, 2011

Buses and Cowboys

Each bus has her own name. The blue one is Dafna. What is the green bus' name?

This is not about pirates. This is all about cowboys. They are almost as wild as pirates, they drink heavily, they ride wagons with huge wheels and they also wear very especial boots.
Posted by PicasaThis huge boot is actually for decoration only.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why Sharing?

There was one big apple, one boy and one girl, who actually are friends.
— Should the apple be given to your friend? - the boy has been asked.
— No. I want the apple.
— Should the apple be given to your friend? - the girl was asked, too.
— No... I want the apple for myself.
— Do you want to share?
They both nodded:
— Yes! Yes!
The apple was split into halves. Boy took both:
— This one is bigger. And it is red. I like red apples, — he gave the big red apple half to his friend.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wild Woods of Tunny Wells

We went to the woods. To get to them one had to cross the road, because the woods are actually there. And once you cross the road you don't see any other roads, because there is forest with no roads in it, only footpath. Actually it is a wild forest with many dangerous things in it. First we saw an uncatchable rabbit. We left him alone in the blackberry bushes. The blackberry bushes are not nice, actually. They are utterly scratchy because they have needles - the small pricky spikes, but longer and thiner. If you get in blackberry bushes, you most likely cannot get out, because they are utterly catchy. Actually, we did not go into them. We only went to the nettles. There are stinging nettles in the wild woods. So we went by into unstinging ones, which are actually nice and soft, some of them edible. Ferns are not stinging or scratchy either. There are many undangerous things in the wild woods. Some of them are actually edible.

After a long, long journey we found an old wild gentleman with a dog. The dog was biting a stick, because that was a wild dog, actually. They always bite sticks as that gentleman said to us. There we found a perfect gun.

And finally we found some huge rocks to climb up. So we did actually climb up the rocks. There was a friend on the top. He was a girl with a scary grandad. Grandad wanted to catch us up and roared like a big, big dog. He was actually very wild. Then he got tired, and friend's mum said they are going to catch a train to London and actually are going to take Abigail out of the woods. And finally they caught that friend up and took him to the train. That was very sad. In fact, friend cried all way out of the woods.

We found the way out from the woods, too. We were utterly hungry, in fact. So we started having our picnic. We actually were really hungry. Luckily we had a bottle of water with us. And some apples, too. And we also had sausages. And something else, which we did not utterly love, actually. And than we went to the train. Actually, not to the train - we went to the railway station. Because that is where they sell perfect cherries.

But actually... we bought them.
There was a train. We started some gunfire and gentleman gave us a ticket. There was another train going to Hastings. We are going to see more trains tomorrow. Posted by Picasa