Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jared Brainwashed

He is telling me:
— I made up a thing. I am going to tell you what: 'Butcher joggling with bricks'. It's not true. I did not see it. I only made it up, just for fun. That was a silly butcher.
— I know you made it up. But I don't think that butcher was silly. I think he was funny and wanted to entertain people.
— Maybe, but it's not true. I made it up.
— I know, Jet, you made it up for fun, just to make me smile. I like your butcher. Where would you meet him? Let's make up the whole story.
— I don't know. He is not real.
— Well, I think you went to forest for a walk, together with Balkis.
— I never went to forest on my own.
— We are only pretending. We are trying to make up a funny story. As if you went to the forest - together with Balky cat and met there a funny butcher joggling with mice.
— Ha-ha-ha! He was joggling with mice! That's funny!
— What did Bulky say?
— I don't know. She is a cat, she does not speak.
— She does not speak English, but she speaks Cattish. She said: 'Meow!' What did the Butcher say than?
— He said 'Meow!'
— Yes, he wanted to be polite.
— And than Butcher got in his car and said 'Good-bye!'
— What Balkis said?
— I don't know. She did not say anything.
— She jumped on his head and said: 'Purr!'
— Ha-ha-ha! She jumped on his head! That's funny. She did not scratch him.
— Yes, she was very gentle. So Butcher said her 'purr' and presented her a necklace made out of sausages.
— Yummie! I like that necklace!
— Did you want to take it from Balkis?
— No, I just wanted to have a bite.
— What Balky said?
— I don't know.
— She said 'Ph-ph-ph-fff-shshsh!' Do you know what it means in Cattish language?
— Yeah! I can also say her 'Ph-ph-ph-fff-shshsh!' - and than I stroke her neck and she says to me 'Purr' again! Because she loves me.
— Yes, she does. You did not make it up.

Jared does not allow lies in his stories. 

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